We help a selected few international brands to succeed on Amazon - as part of a larger context with other sales channels.
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In short, what we do:


Brand and market analysis related to your Amazon investment.

Strategic consulting and implementation.

Monitoring of prices and cross-border sales.

Assisting you in how to relate to and communicate with retailers, distributors, and agents in relation to the Amazon platform.

Helping you successfully combine your traditional channels with Amazon.

Account setup and synchronization.

SEO & Advertising optimization on the Amazon platform.

Structure and help with VAT and tax issues as well as accounting on Amazon.


Unlike many agencies, our consultants have practical experience in building brands both on and off Amazon, through good collaborations with distributors and retailers.

To summarize our story, we offer not just high conversion and data analysis. We also have an understanding and experience in building, operating, and managing a brand in multiple countries and across multiple channels, which very few other service companies have. Regarding VAT and tax issues related to your Amazon initiative, we have a close collaboration with Ekonomistyr Kungsbacka AB, who are specialists in this area.


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